Page 1: Introduction

QMU is committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, and we acknowledge that these extraordinary circumstances and rapidly changing situations can be stressful for staff.

This stress survey has been replicated from the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Stress Indicator Tool and developed for use on the Online Survey platform by the Health and Safety Team. It is fully supported by the Stress Management Working Group, Senior Leadership Team and Trade Union representatives.

The purpose of the survey is to collect staff feedback on your experiences of stress at work within the last 12 months. The survey is split into 2 sections; HSE Indicator Tool Questions and About You. It should only take approximately 15 mins to complete.

Your responses will be completely anonymous, confidential and at no point will you be asked for your name. We have done this to encourage honest responses in complete confidence.

A report, including summarised survey results will be written by the Health and Safety Team and shared with the Stress Management Working Group to confirm the results, decide what the key issues are, and reach an agreement on appropriate action.

The Senior Leadership team has committed to responding to issues raised in this survey and a response to results will be provided to all staff.

1.1. I am clear what is expected of me at work
2.2. I can decide when to take a break
3.3. Different groups at work demand things from me that are hard to combine
4.4. I know how to go about getting my job done
5.5. I am subject to personal harassment in the form of unkind words or behavior
6.6. I have unachievable deadlines
7.7. If work gets difficult, my colleagues will help me
8.8. I am given supportive feedback on the work I do
9.9. I have to work very intensively
10.10. I have a say in my own work speed
11.11. I am clear what my duties and responsibilities are
12.12. I have to neglect some tasks because I have too much to do
13.13. I am clear about the goals and objectives for my department
14.14. There is friction or anger between colleagues
15.15. I have a choice in deciding how I do my work
16.16. I am unable to take sufficient breaks
17.17. I understand how my work fits into the overall aim of the organisation
18.18. I am pressured to work long hours
19.19. I have a choice in deciding what I do at work
20.20. I have to work very fast
21.21. I am subject to bullying at work
22.22. I have unrealistic time pressures
23.23. I can rely on my line manager to help me out with a work problem
24.24. I get help and support I need from colleagues
25.25. I have some say over the way I work
26.26. I have sufficient opportunities to question managers about change at work
27.27. I receive the respect at work I deserve from my colleagues
28.28. Staff are always consulted about change at work
29.29. I can talk to my line manager about something that has upset or annoyed me about work
30.30. My working time can be flexible
31.31. My colleagues are willing to listen to my work-related problems
32.32. When changes are made at work, I am clear how they will work out in practice
33.33. I am supported through emotionally demanding work
34.34. Relationships at work are strained
35.35. My line manager encourages me at work