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We are conducting a research study about women's experiences of incontinence and physical activity.  We are keen to include both women who experience incontinence and women who do not.  We are aware of some evidence which suggests that trans women who have undergone gender-affirming vaginoplasty may experience problems such as incontinence. While this needs to be researched further, we think it is important that all women, including trans women who have completed gender-affirming vaginoplasty (bottom surgery) are eligible to participate. Non-binary people who were assigned female at birth and trans men are also eligible to take part. This study will not be relevant for you if you are currently undergoing, but not completed gender-affirming vaginoplasty (bottom surgery) or are under 18 years old.

Participation is voluntary, and responses will be kept anonymous. Once you have clicked on the ‘submit’ button we will not be able to withdraw your data. If there are any questions you would rather not answer, you may miss them out.

Response to any or all of the survey questions will be interpreted as your informed consent to participate.

There will be no direct benefit to you in taking part but we hope that the results will help us to improve support for women who experience incontinence and who want to participate in exercise, in future.

If you have any questions about the research, please contact the project lead Dr Karen Matthews via email at Alternatively, you could contact Dr Jane Culpan at who is not involved in the study but can also offer advice. The study findings may be presented at conferences, as an academic journal paper. A summary of the findings will also be disseminated via social media when the study is complete.

If you believe that that questions about urinary incontinence may cause you unmanageable distress, please do not continue.

To proceed please confirm the following statements:

1. I am a woman / I was assigned female at birth / I am a trans woman who has undergone gender-affirming vaginoplasty

2. I am aged 18 or over

3. I understand that once I click ‘submit’ I cannot withdraw my results