My name is Alexandra Hatchett, and I am an MSc Rehabilitative Audiology student from the School of Health Sciences at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. As part of my degree course, I am undertaking a research project for my dissertation. The topic is: How do Clinicians working in UK Adult Cochlear Implant Departments support patients with severe to profound hearing loss who are unsuccessful in gaining a cochlear implant? 

This study will investigate how qualified  audiology clinicians support patients with a severe to profound hearing loss who are unsuccessful in gaining a cochlear implant within the Adult Cochlear Implant Departments in the UK.

Your participation is valuable, and the findings from this research could have an influence on management plans for future patients who do not fulfil the cochlear implant assessment but struggle with their current hearing aids. These patients might benefit from support that is not currently available thus improving their well-being.

The researcher is not aware of any risks associated with participating in this study. The questionnaire should take no longer than 20-30 minutes to complete. You are free to stop answering questions at any stage and do not have to give a reason, however, any completed data may be used in the analysis.

All data will be anonymised as much as possible, however, you may choose to disclose your workplace location. It will not be possible for you to be identified in any reports of the findings. 

The results may be published in a journal or presented at a conference.

If you would like to contact an independent person who knows about this project but is not personally involved, you are welcome to contact Dr Christine Johnson.

Her contact details are given below. If you have read and understood this information sheet, and you would like to take part in this survey, please now see the consent form.

Contact details of the researcher

Name of researcher: Alexandra Hatchett


Contact details of the independent adviser

Name of adviser:     Dr Christine Johnson